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What needs to be seen to understand the quality of laser lens

Time:2020-09-03  来源:Dongguan Lianlong Optoelectronic Technology Co.Ltd

With the continuous improvement of modern technology, the laser lens with a good reputation has been qualitatively improved in the production process and the integration of materials, which fundamentally effectively promotes the quality of the use of laser lenses, and makes the use of modules and widths. All systems have been improved, so if you want to know more accurately whether the quality of professional laser lens is reliable, what can you look at?


1. Material considerations

The popular laser lens will inevitably be very cautious in the implementation of the material. Good advanced imported high-quality crystals ensure the further realization of the laser lens function. Every step of the introduction of raw materials is strictly enforced to ensure that the material shows higher quality optics, Thermal and mechanical properties, therefore, in the process of implementing the quality considerations of the laser lens, we must first import and implement the content of the raw materials used. Only on the basis of optimizing raw materials can the fundamental optimization of the use of the laser lens be realized.

   2. Combine technology implementation

Laser lenses have very high requirements for technology. Only when they are based on good technology can their effects be effectively realized. Good laser lenses will be completed with exquisite double-sided coating technology to reduce the loss caused by reflection and reduce the spatter Hazardous effects, instead of achieving high-precision processing, through the use of excellent substrates, perfect slicing, polishing, grinding and other fine processing techniques, so as to exert better high temperature resistance and laser resistance, so it is necessary to objectively measure the laser lens The essentials of craftsmanship are indispensable. Only by ensuring the modernization and high standards of craftsmanship can the completion of use value be ensured.

Of course, in the specific laser lens measurement process, it is indispensable to understand the relevant content of the brand. Only by establishing an in-depth comprehensive cost-effective comparison on the basis of the brand can we further complete the more targeted measurement and implementation, and then fundamentally Better to provide backing support for the subsequent use of the laser lens can truly lay an optimized system guarantee for the realization of procurement cooperation.

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