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Lianlong Optoelectronics custom COB optical lens is good

Time:2020-09-03  来源:Dongguan Lianlong Optoelectronic Technology Co.Ltd

Beijing Institute of Technology customizes lenses in our company. The period includes mold opening and injection molding. Our company strictly follows the requirements of Beijing Institute of Technology from precision mold processing to injection molding. According to the time given by the customer, we successfully complete the entire production process. It has been delivered to the customer. The customer received the goods and said that he was very satisfied, and always praised our company Lianlong Optoelectronics, the product is exquisite workmanship, the light effect is good, it is the product he wants.


The COB optical lens customized by Lianlong Optoelectronics is good. I hope that customers must remember Lianlong Optoelectronics when purchasing optical lenses. The customized optical lenses are of superb quality, reasonable price, and have experience in producing optical lenses.

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